Federal State Budget Educational Institution
of Higher Education

Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university

660049,  Russia,  Krasnoyarsk City, 90 Mira Avenue,  telephone/fax: +7(391)2273609,  e-mail: info@kgau.ru


News of the University


On the 26th of October 2017 Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university celebrated its 65th Anniversary
Congratulations on the occasion of the 65th Anniversary of Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university have come from Mongolia, European Council for Business Education, European Logistics Association, Slovenia, China

Texts of the Congratulation Letters


State Agrarian

We invite you to continue your training in the postgraduate study programs of the Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university. Our university carries out training of graduates in agricultural, biological, technical and humanitarian fields.

The university has modern material and technical base, educational classrooms, highly qualified faculty members, who have extensive experience in training the scientific and pedagogical faculty.

Alumni of the KSAU postgraduate study programs are in demand not only in educational and scientific organizations of the agrarian sector, but also at the production enterprises.

The University provides opportunity of self-improvement and development of competences not only in universities and scientific-research institutions of Russia, but also for students of the postgraduate study programs from foreign countries.

Scholarship is paid to the postgraduate students who study full-time according to the results of attestation.

The hostel is provided for students of the postgraduate study programs who study full-time.

Person is enrolled to the postgraduate study programs, if he/she has higher education that is confirmed by a specialist diploma or master degree.

Students of the postgraduate study program are trained in compulsory subjects; they also have an opportunity to choose an individual educational and scientific trajectory, carrying out their scientific-research work and choosing elective and optional disciplines.

Students of the postgraduate study programs who have successfully mastered educational program, prepared the scientific and qualification work and passed the state final attestation can get qualification Researcher. Teacher-researcher and receive a corresponding diploma.

After training in the postgraduate study programs in the university, students can defend dissertation and get the degree of Candidate of Science in Dissertational Councils, operating on the basis of KSAU, and in other organizations of Russia.

More information about the postgraduate study programs and entrance requirements you can find on the website of the KSAU http://www.kgau.ru/new/aspirant/09/. Our staff will answer questions about admission and study in the postgraduate study programs. Our phone number: +7 (391) 227-46-09; e-mail: aspira@kgau.ru

Programs of the postgraduate studies of KSAU

Field of education 

Program of the postgraduate studies

05.06.01 Earth Science *

Land management, cadastre and land monitoring

Hydrology of lands, water resources, hydrochemistry

06.06.01 Biosciences *


Soil science


09.06.01 Informatics and computing technology*

System analyses, information management and processing

15.06.01 Machine engineering

Science of mechanics, systems of gearing and machine components

19.06.01 Industrial ecology and biotechnologies*

Technology of processing, storage and processing of grain, bean cultures, cereal products, horticultural products and vine-growing

35.06.01 Agriculture*

Geoponics, plant science**


Selection and seed farming of agricultural plants

35.06.04 Technologies, mechanic and energetic means in agricultural, forestry and fishery *

Technologies and means of agricultural mechanization

Electro technologies and electrical equipment in agriculture

36.06.01 Veterinary and zootechny*

Diagnostics of illnesses and therapy of animals, pathologies, oncology and morphology of animals

Veterinarina microbiology, virology, epizootology, mycology with micotoxicology and immunology

Breeding, selection and genetic of agricultural animals**

Fodder production, feeding of agricultural animals and forage technology**

Particular zootechnics, technology of livestock products  production

38.06.01 Economics

Economics and management of national economy (AIC and agriculture)**

40.06.01 Jurisprudence*

Theory and history of law and government; history of law and government science

Criminal law and criminology; penal law

Criminal procedure

Criminal science; judicial expert activity; operational investigations

46.06.01 Historical sciences and archeology*

National history

47.06.01 Philosophy, ethics and religious studies

Social philosophy

* field of training has State Accreditation which help students who passed final assessment successfully to get a state-recognized diploma of qualification Researcher. Research teaching fellow

** postgraduate programs, after which students can defend the dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of candidate of Sciences in the dissertation councils on the basis of the KSAU

Documents for admission to postgraduate studies

  1. The application for admission to the training of teaching staff in postgraduate study programs;
  2. Document (documents) which certifies the identity and nationality of the applicant;
  3. Original or a copy of diploma or master's degree (with the application) and certificate of equivalence (if the education is received not in Russian Federation);
  4. 2 photos of the applicant (3*4);
  5. Abstract of the research;
  6. Documents attesting to the individual achievements of applicants, the results of which are considered in the admission of students in accordance with the Rules of admission (copies of certificates of scientific conferences, competitions; documents confirming receipt of grants; copies of patents; copies of articles in peer-reviewed journals; copies of other publications);
  7. If you want to create special conditions for entrance examinations - a document confirming the limited possibilities of health or disability, requiring the creation of specified conditions;
  8. For disabled persons of I and II groups, disabled from childhood, disabled due to war injuries or disease received during military service - the conclusion of Federal institution of medico-social examination about the absence of contraindications for education in corresponding educational institutions.

The terms of admission to postgraduate studies:

Since 10th of July, 2017, 02nd of August , 2017 acceptance of documents;

Since 04th of August, 2017, 16th of August, 2017 admission testing: a special discipline, foreign language (English or German), philosophy;

18th of August, 2017 completion of receiving the originals of the diploma or master's diploma for admission to places within the target figures of reception (through the budget); completion of reception of the consent for enrollment (contract) at the place of contracts on rendering of paid educational services;

20th of August 2017 enrollment for training.

01st of September , 2017 the beginning of the training.

We invite you to the postgraduate study programs in the Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian University!

Check out our website: http://www.kgau.ru/new/aspirant/09/.

Call us: +7 (391) 227-46-09;

Write to us: aspira@kgau.ru

All your questions will be answered by the staff of the Postgraduate Study Programs and Attestation of Personnel of Higher Qualification Department:

Kalashnikova Natalia Ivanovna

Vinokurova Elena Viktorovna

Kolesnikova Natalia Alekseevna


Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Education
Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian University


Law Institute


International Scientific and Practical Conference




22-23 May 2017


Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia


organized by


Departments of

Criminal Law and Criminology

Criminal procedure, Criminalistics and

Principals of Forensic Science


Steering Committee:


Natalia A. Lopashenko
D.Sc. (Law), Professor at the Department of Criminal Law
(Saratov State Academy of Law)

Kirill K. Panko
D.Sc. (Law), Professor at the Department of Criminal Law
(Voronezh State University)

Vasiliy A. Tirranen
Ph.D. (Law), Associate Professor, Head of Criminal Law and Criminology Department
(Law Institute, Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian University)

Tatiana S. Volchetskaya
D.Sc. (Law), Professor, Honorary Person of Russian Higher Education,
>Head of Criminal Procedure, Criminalistics and Legal Informatics Department
(Law Institute, Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University)

Yuriy P. Garmaev
D.Sc. (Law), Professor of Criminal Law and Procedure, Criminal Procedure and Criminalistics Departments,
(Law Faculty, Buryat State University)

Elena A. Erakhtina
Ph.D. (Law), Associate Professor, Head of Criminal Procedure,
Criminalistics and Principles of Forensic Science Departments
(Law Institute, Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian University)


Researchers, scientists, professors, postgraduate students, lawyers, practitioners and law enforcement officials are invited to take part in the conference with or without personal attendance.


Papers are published in the Journal of the Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian University (RISC and ISBN).


Papers Submission Deadline is 31 March 2017.

Conference participation is free. Travelling and accommodation costs are at the expenses of the participants.


Requirements to the papers:

Format: MS Word, Times New Roman; length: 5 pages in a 14-point font; line spacing: 1.5; margins: 2 cm;


Paper sample:



Paper Title

Name, Ph.D, associate professor of Criminal Law Department





Postgraduate students` papers should be approved by their scientific supervisors. Already published papers or accepted for publication ones will be rejected.

Conference venue: Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian University, 117 Lenin st., 660049 Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Contact phones: +7 (391) 290-52-71, +7 (391) 211-43-30


Registration form

(deadline 31st March, 2017)


Last name


First name


Place of employment

(full name of the university, company, institution, department etc.)




Academic degree(s)


Paper title


Participation options

(Please specify if you plan to attend the conference in person)

only publication, without personal attendance


personal attendance


Contact phones





Once completed, please return by email: ugolovkaf@yandex.ru


We look forward to welcoming you at our conference!


Congratulations on the International Womens Day

On the 7th of March the first year students of the Institute of International management and education congratulated all the faculty members and girls on the occasion of the International Womens Day.

There were a lot of flowers and songs in English.

It was really a nice holiday for University women and girls.

Our men are real gentlemen !!!



. . 26 2017 14 17 , 3-15, , , 90.


(, , , , E-mail ) e-mail natan@kgau.ru

This is an important seminar held under the auspices of KSAU and ECBE, a leading international accreditation agency for business and management programmes.

Goals. The seminar aims to provide institutions with an excellent basis for

  1. Bologna approach to short courses
  2. Developing and promoting the credit rating of short courses
  3. Guidance on the value and effectiveness of APEL, Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning.

The workshop will involve the sharing good practice and with advice and guidance to schools seeking to gain international accreditation

Who should attend?

  • Deans and subject chairs
  • Programme leaders and Faculty.
  • Persons involved for international partners/contacts.
  • Business school quality managers
  • ECBE evaluators and potential evaluators

Themes of the workshop

  • ECBE news: Changes in Board of Directors, activities and events.
  • ECBE accreditation: regulations, processes and fees
  • ECBE and ENQA
  • The integration of Internal and External (ECBE) Quality Assurance
  • World developments in Accreditation
  • Experiences and case histories of local universities experiences with (ECBE)

Presenters include:

  Executive Director, Jacques Bouche
  Chair of Commissioners Prof Bob Johnson,
  Commissioner Dr Vladimir Kureshov,
  Commissioner Prof. Drs Robert Rietbroek

KSAU Dr Natalia Antonova,



SibSAU .

Application forms and further details are available from www.ecbe.eu and KSAU www.kgau.ru


"Technologies of Social, Economic and Logistic Processes of the Arctic Zone of Russia:
History and Modernity"
30-31 March, 2017
Krasnoyarsk, Russia


organized by

The Russian Federation Ministry of Agriculture Department of Scientific and Technological Policy and Education, Russia
Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Education "Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian University", Russia
Federal State Budget Scientific Institution "Research Institute of Agriculture and Environment of the Arctic", Russia
The Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia
The Union of Indigenous Peoples of Krasnoyarsk Krai Communities, Russia


The conference brings together academic and educational developers, students and researchers to discuss the results of fundamental and applied research in the field of state policy on socio-economic development across the Arctic region, including the discussion of the issues on implementation and enforcement of the rights of the indigenous peoples of the North, the exchange of experience with the foreign counterparts.



Nataliya I. Pizhikova - Doctor of Economics, Professor, Chair of Steering Committee. Rector of Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian University, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Andrey Y. Lukyanov - Ph.D., Candidate of Sociological sciences, Associate Professor at University College Zealand, co-chairman of Steering Committee, Copenhagen, Denmark.



Voronov YU. A. - Deputy Minister for Natural Resources and Ecology of Krasnoyarsk krai.

Mariya E. Nikitenko - Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Associate Professor. Director of the Law Institute of Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian University.

Valeriy F. Lukinykh Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor. Head of Department of Logistics at the Institute of International Management and Education.

Sergey T. Gaydin - Doctor of History, Professor. Head of Department of History and Political Science at Law Institute.

Inna B. Trofimova - Senior Lecturer of Department of Legal Theory and History of State and Law at Law Institute.

Svetlana V. Shirokikh - Senior Lecturer of Department of Land and Environmental Law at Law Institute.

Nikita S. Kaplin Deputy Chairman of the Board of The Union of Indigenous Peoples of Krasnoyarsk Krai Communities.

Vyacheslav E. Yakimov Legal Adviser of the Counsel of Indigenous Peoples Association ARUN.

Larissa G. Gotsko - Deputy Director for International Relations at Law Institute.

Anna N. Storozheva - Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Associate Professor, Deputy Director for Research at Law Institute.

Maiya S. Manasyan - Specialist of Department of Testing and Patenting Research Results.


  1. Prospective theoretical concepts of commodity and service logistics systems of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation. Methodological approaches to the formation of the integrated supply of material, information and other resources chains in the pre - Arctic region through the cooperation consolidation of the European, North American and Asian regions countries.
  2. Modern philosophical, historical, cultural and psychological aspects of the indigenous peoples of the North life activity.
  3. Current issues of implementation and enforcement of indigenous peoples rights, development traditional economy, the original environment and traditional way of life preservation.
  4. Legal factors of the Arctic zone development (education, targeted personnel training, housing security, and entrepreneurship activities regulation).
  5. Rational environmental management and environmental protection, land management in the interests of the Arctic zone development.

Note: Papers on other relevant topics are also welcome.


Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian University, 90 Mira pr., 660049 Krasnoyarsk, Russia


Types of presentations:

  • Oral presentation (talk).
  • Online presentation for those of you, who cannot attend in person. Online participants receive their certificate and conference program via email.

The conference languages: Russian and English.


To participate fill in the application form:

1. First name/Surname


2. Country, Institution


3. Position


5. Scientific degree


6. Name of the article/presentation/talk


7. e-mail


All materials are sent by e-mail: arctic.ksau@gmail.com


International Day of Students

The history of the International Day of Students solidarity goes back to the 16th of November, 1939 when Prague students and their teachers in the Czechoslovakia State organized demonstration to celebrate the Day of Czechoslovakia State establishment in the occupied by the German Nazi country.

One of the students whose name was Jan Opletal was shot by the Nazi while they were dispersing the demonstrators. On the 17th of November 1939 many students were arrested, some of them were sent to concentration camps and murdered.

Three years later, in 1942 the International meeting of students who had struggled against Nazi took place in London and there the decision was made to celebrate annually the 17th of November as the International day of Students.

The students of Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university also celebrated this Day on the 17th of November together with Mongolian students Purev Dorjsuren Oyun-Erdene, Borjigon Munkhbayar Zambaga and Ganbold Bayarnaadam who presented their culture and traditions.


Halloween celebration

Students of the Institute of International management and education have 8 hours of the English language per week. They study not only English, but also Business English, Country- study, External Economic Links in English.

On the 31st of October, 2016, they celebrated Halloween in the course of Country- study.

The celebration included presentation of the holiday, guess-work connected with the holiday, singing songs devoted to the holiday. Students from Russia and Mongolia took part in it.

It was a funny lesson!


Ministryof Agriculture of Russian Federation

Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian University

Novosibirsk State Agrarian University AltaiState Agrarian University



Dear collegues!

We invite you to participate in

THE II INTERNATIONAL (CORRESPONDENCE AND ON-SITE)SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL CONFERENCE: ECOLOGY, ENVIROMENT AND HUMAN HEALTH: XXI CENTURY, which is to be held on 12th-15th November 2016 at the seat of Institute Agro ecological technologies of FSBEI of HE Krasnoyarsk SAU.

The purpose of the ISPC is the evaluation of the main tendencies in the development of the ecology branch in science and practice.

The main objectivesof the conference: discussion of problems, methods and approaches in problem solving connected with research and introduction of innovate experience in ecological research sphere; experience exchange; discussion of the scientific papers results; discussion of prospects of research area development within the domestic and foreign scientific schools; establishment of scientific relations between scientists of different region and scientific schools; expansion of possibilities of the research results introduction in the real practice.

Languages of the conference: Russian, English

Welcome to participate in the conference:

Teachers, graduate students, colleagues from scientific research institutions, representatives of public authority and local government, representatives of companies and industry associationsand other interested persons. The graduate students and masters participation is admitted only in case of cooperation with their scientific directors (the scientific director is the first co-author).




The chairman of the organization committee:

Pyzhikova N.I. Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Rector of FSBEI of HE Krasnoyarsk SAU.

The organization committee members:

Ralph Maisner Professor, Doctor of Sciences, the Ecological Research Center in Helmholtz department of soil physics, a leader of the research scientific group Transport and measure processes in soil and experimental station of the lysimeter usage in Falkenberg (Germany); the water drain management, the Institution of Agriculture Sciences and Nutrition Problems in Martin-Luther University (Halle-Wittenberg, Germany )

Yujmin Fu Ph.D., assistant professor, the International United Research Center of Aeronautical and Space Biotechnologies, Beihang University, Beijing, China; the School of Biological Sciences and Medicine Engineering, Beihang University, Beijing, China; the Institution of Environmental Biology and Life-support technologies, Beihang University, Beijing, China.


Antonova N.V. Assistant professor, director of the Institute of International management and education of FSBEI of HE Krasnoyarsk SAU, Krasnoyarsk.

Babushkina E.A. candidate of biological sciences, associate professor, director of KhakassiaTechnological Institute, the branch of FSAEI of HE the Siberian Federal University, Abakan.

Bopp V.L. candidate of biological sciences, associate professor, vice-rector in sciencein FSBEI of HEof Krasnoyarsk SAU, Krasnoyarsk.

Gavrilec N.V. the head of informational analytical and patent departmentFSBEI of HE of Novosibirsk SAU, Novosibirsk.

Dolzhenko V.M. the chairman of public ecological chamber and the member of the Civil Assembly Council of Krasnoyarsk region, Krasnoyarsk.

Denisov A.S. the Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, emeritus constructor of Russian Federation, the rector of FSBEI of HE of Novosibirsk SAU, Novosibirsk

Demidenko G.A. the Doctor of Biological Sciences, professor of landscape architecture department, professor of botanic and agro ecology in FSBEI of HE Krasnoyarsk SAU, Krasnoyarsk.

Eskova E.N. candidate of biological sciences, associate professor, the head of department of ecology and natural historyin FSBEI of HE of Krasnoyarsk SAU, Krasnoyarsk.

Zhirnova D.F. candidate of biological sciences, associate professor of landscape architecture department, associate professor of botanic and agro ecology of FSBEI of HE Krasnoyarsk SAU, Krasnoyarsk.

Zavalishin S.I. candidate of agricultural sciences, associate professor, the dean of the agronomic facultyin FSBEI of HE of Altai SAU, Barnaul.

Keler V.V. candidate of agricultural sciences, associate professor, director of the Institute of Agro ecological technologies, in FSBEI of HE of Krasnoyarsk SAU, Krasnoyarsk.

Manasyan M.S. leading specialist in Organization Management and Support of Scientific researches FSBEI of HE of Krasnoyarsk SAU, Krasnoyarsk.

Rassolov S.N. the doctor of agricultural sciences, the dean of Agrarian technologies facultyin FSBEI of HE Kemerovo State Agricultural Institute, Kemerovo.

Sviderskaya I.V. candidate of biological sciences, associate professor, associate director in science the Institute of Basic biology and biological technologies of FSAEI of HPE Siberian federal university, Krasnoyarsk.

Cibikov B.B. candidate of agricultural sciences, associate professor, the dean of agronomic faculty of FSBEI of HE Philipov Buryatia SAA.



1.      Biodiversity and stable development

2.      Resource-saving and adaptive technologies of agricultural industry.

3.      Ecological evaluation of polluted territories and their rehabilitation

4.      Monitoring and environment simulation.

5.      Biotechnological approach to the problem-solving of ecology and environment.

6.      Problems of ecological education and upbringing.


It is planned to hold the conference in 2 stages: 1 stage postal, after which the compendium will be published on the official site of FSBEI of HE of Krasnoyarsk SAU, Krasnoyarsk and placed in the electronic base of RSCI NEL of Russian Federation (contract sio-6172/2015), certificates will be sent to participants of the conference by e-mail (without indication of participation form); 2 stage on-site meeting of participants of the conference, which main purpose will be the discussion of the scientific research results published in the Compendium of the conference materials.



To take part in the conference you must send your article and the registration form on the e-mail: dina-zhirnova@mail.ru, the name of the file: Name Surname_ the article.doc and Name Surname_ questionnaire.com. till 25th October 2016. In the topic of your letter, please, mark research area of the conference.


The publication of the article is free.


The materials of the conference will be published in the second half of the November on the site of the University www.kgau.ru. The sending of certificates will be after 15th November 2016.


The compendium of conference materials will be published in the electronic base of RSCI NEL of Russian Federation.


It is planned to make an on-site meeting of the participants of the conference. The applications for participation on the on-site meeting and articles will be taken at the same time. The date of the on-site meeting will be announced later.

The address of the organization committee: 660049, Krasnoyarsk, 90Mira Avenue, FSBEI of HE Krasnoyarsk SAU. Person responsible for the conference holding is Manasyan Maya Sergeevna. Tel. no. (fax): 8(391) 227-59-71, E-mail: osnip@kgau.ru; Deputy Director of Agro ecological Technologies Institute of Krasnoyarsk SAU, the candidate of biological sciences, associate professor Zhirnova Dina Fyodorovna , Tel. no. (fax): 8(391) 247-23-14 E-mail: dina-zhirnova@mail.ru


Text must be in MS WORD 97-2003. Text volume is not more than 3 pages.

Article includes:

1.      Index UDC (unique decimal classifierhttp://teacode.com/online/udc/) in the left upper corner of the first page.

2.      Initials and surnames of all authors separated by coma. If there are too many authors and they are from different organizations you must mark the second (third) author and organizations by *(**).

3.      The heading. The name of the article must be short (not more than 10 words) but informative. It must show the main research result. The heading must be written in a bold font in upper case. The size of the type is 14. No shorthand in the headings except standard shorthand.

4.      Abstract (not more than 800 printed characters). It must show the topic of the article, its value, novelty, main thesis and the conclusion.

5.      Key words (not more than 9)

6.      Text must be in 4 (210×297 mm), typed in Times New Roman, font size is 12, line spacing ordinary, margins 2cm. You must type the text without forced shifts, all words in the text must be separated with only one space. Do not use spacebar to align the text. No gaps between pages and divisions. Do not use too many formulas in the text. It will overload the text. Do not use the same result tables and diagrams twice. Mathematic equations and chemical formulas must be typed in formula editor Equation (Math Type) or in the Ms Word as one object. They mustnt consist of parts. It is necessary to follow the standard style of symbols and indexes: English italic, Russian upright font, low case and uppercase letters, upper and lower indexes. Chemical formulas are typed with 9thfont size and mathematic equations 10thfont size. Formulas and equations are typed from new line and they are numbered in parenthesis in the end of a line. All pictures must be in *.jpg or *.bmp. format. Under-picture subscription must consist of a number and a name (Pic. 1.). In the text of an article must be links of pictures.It is recommended to make graphics and diagrams in MS Excel or MS Graph. All tables must have headings and numbers. There must be links for every table in the article.

Captions of pictures (bold font in italics of the 10thfont size) must be in the center of pages. No dots in the end of captions.

Picture 1 Text

Explanatory data must be typed in light font in italics of 10thfont size and placed after the name of a picture. Tables, diagrams and graphics must be aligned on the width of the page (10thfont size). Line spacing is ordinary.


Table1- Name of the table

Column heading

Entry heading




Line heading












7.      Bibliography must be prepared according to GOST standard 7.05-2008.The list of literature is placed in order of citation in the text. There is an ordinal number of source from the list of used literature in square brackets. It is not recommended to use works which were published more than 10 years ago. You shouldnt put unpublished works, textbooks, training aids and thesis of the conference materials.

Next material must be presented both in English and Russian:

        Authors initials and surnames

        The heading of the article

        Abstracts text

        Key words

        Output data of the authors article, the full name of the organization (where you study or work), city, address and index, tel. number, e-mail of the organization, the name of the organization (address, index, tel. number and e-mail )






E.A. Ivanova

E.A. Ivanova*, I.I. Sidorov**

* All-Russian research institute of the dairy industry, Moscow

** Krasnoyarsk state agricultural university, Krasnoyarsk




Abstract Abstract Abstract AbstractAbstract Abstract AbstractAbstractAbstract AbstractAbstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract

Keywords: Keywords Keywords Keywords Keywords Keywords Keywords KeywordsK eywords.


Ivanova Elena Anatolievna

Name place of work

Academic degree, academic title

Address of the institution

Tel/Fax, e-mail


Every article must have ashort abstract written in English and Russian language.


Authors who present their materials for publishing must ensure that their works are going to be published for the first time and they have never been published before. The organization committee is not responsible for the results authenticity published by authors.


FSBEI of HE of Krasnoyarsk SAU:http://www.kgau.ru

FSBEI of HE of Novosibirsk SAU:http://nsau.edu.ru

Khakassia Technological Institute, the branch of FSAEI of HE the SFU:http://www.khti.ru



Please, fill this registration form and send it as a single file:

NameSurname _questionnaire.doc.


Registration form for participation in


November 2016

Personal information





Middle name






Scientific degree




Contact information









Street, house








Information about article

Authors of the article (separated by commas)


Name of the article


Participation (just publication,publicationandon-site)


Data of the registration for completion


Certificatenecessity (yes/no)


Dear authors, sending of your materials for publication in the Compendium of the conference materials and completion of this registration form is your agreement for publication with subsequent placement of the Compendium in an electronic databaseof RSCI NEL of Russian Federation.


Agro chemistry and agro soil science Master program in English

Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university is ready to invite foreign students to the Master Program Agro chemistry and agro soil science that will be given in English.

This program is implemented at the Institute of Agro ecological technologies. The contents of the disciplines are given in the Annotations.

The applicants can send the documents to the Enrolment department to the addresss: priem@kgau.ru

The documents that should be sent:
1. Scan of the passport
2. Scan of the document of education-all pages with the translation
3. 4 photos
4. Application forms from the site www.kgau.ru - -

Work in Mongolia 2016


19, March, 2016 Krasnoyarsk city

Representatives of European Council for Business Education had a round table discussion with the representatives of Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university

Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university was represented by:
-Rector of Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university Natalia I. Pyzhikova;
-Director of the Institute of International management and education Natalia V. Antonova

ECBE was represented by:
-Chairman of the Board of Commissioners Bob Johnson;
-Commissioner, Member of the Board of Directors Rob Rietbroek ;
-Commissioner, Member of the Board of Commissioners Vladimir A.Kureshov.

The parties discussed the prospects of relation development between two organizations in the sphere of quality assurance according to the requirements of Bologna process and ENQA standards.

The parties expressed their intentions:
-to continue cooperation in the sphere of education according to the requirements of Bologna process and ENQA- standards in future;
-to introduce changes that will perfect quality in education into the activity of both Organizations;
-to do everything to attract new Members to the European Council for Business Education, the activity of which corresponds to the  Mission and Goals of ECBE;
-to support ECBE to be recognized by Russian authorities as an external Accreditation agency for Russian educational institutions;
-to support ECBE to become a full member of ENQA


Protocol of the round table discussion about relations development was signed


Russian language competition

For all the students who have arrived to study at Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university from Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Tadzhikistan, the University organizes additional classes in the Russian language. They are organized in the framework of the discipline The Russian language as the foreign one. In January 2016 the institute of International management and education conducted the competition for the best wall-newspaper under the title Russian word, Russian speech.

The aim of the competition is to form skills of finding materials according to the given task, to develop positive attitude of foreign people to Russian culture and language, to form creative abilities of students in the Russian language.

Four wall newspapers were presented for the competition:

  1. Russian speech ( the authors were Abduraimov P.,Rachmanov N., Pulov A.- from the Institute of Agro ecological Technologies);
  2. Russian word ( the authors were Muminov H. from the Institute of Food Processing, Gulova Sh., Gaas M., from the Institute of Agro ecological Technologies);
  3. Russian speech (the authors were Kurbonboev U., Pakhimov I. from the Institute of Applied Biotechnologies and Veterinary Medicine);
  4. Russian word (the author was Erbutaev S. from the Institute of Land Cadaster and Land Use).

All the wall-newspapers were placed in the classrooms for everyone to see and to read them and they aroused great interest to them because they contained a lot of useful and important materials about Russian culture and Russian language, examples of texts of Russian writers and the compositions of foreign students.

The 1st place was given to the wall-newspaper 2 - Russian word ( the authors were Muminov H. from the Institute of Food Processing, Gulova Sh., Gaas M., from the Institute of Agro ecological Technologies).



Congratulations to Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university!
Only Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university is in the Top-10 list of the graduates demand

Experts of the Media group Russia today conducted the research in the framework of the project Social navigator and defined the Russian higher education institutions the graduates of which are in demand by the potential employers on the labour market. They also showed the rating of the educational institutions according to their orientation to the real sector of economy and application of their research results in this sector. Some other aspects of the Universities activity were also taken into consideration.

The universities evaluation was done taking into account such indicators as:

  • share of graduates who received the employment certificate after finishing professional training as full-time students;
  • share of income that has been received from the scientific and research work done for other organizations in the region;
  • index of university staff citation

In the sphere of agrarian education Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university occupies the 7th place among 56 Russian agrarian education institutions.

As the research showed employment certificates in Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university receive 89,2% of the graduates; share of income from scientific and research work is 15,5%; index of papers citation is 8.

Detailed information is given: http://www.dela.ru/news/169130/


New students in Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university

The enrollment campaign in Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university is over and now we can say that there are a lot of new foreign students from different countries there. The students have come from Mongolia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Tadzhikistan, Uzbekistan and Republic of Belarus.

In September, 2015, special course of The Russian language as a foreign one organized by the University for foreign students began. The teacher of this course is Arisheva Tatiana Mikhailovna - the Honored Teacher of Russian Federation.

She conducted the preliminary exam of students knowledge. It showed that the level is quite different. That is why the leading approach in the training process will be the differentiation approach.

At the lessons the students use dictionaries, tables, handouts and other teaching aids. Special attention is given to the texts of different specificity- they can be of scientific, business, art and public direction.

Technical aids are also used at every lesson.

Students work individually, in pairs and in groups.

The tasks of the course for the students are as follows:
- to increase the number of Russian words;
- to learn to use the Russian language in practice;
- to develop both oral and written language;
- to increase the knowledge of Russian culture and country.


Day of Knowledge in Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university

On the 1st of September, 2015 the first - year students of Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university celebrated the Day of Knowledge. It was a great holiday consisting of several events. In the morning the students received their students cards, in the day time they were the participants of the unforgettable musical show and in the evening they got acquainted with the Professors of the University on the square with the monument to A.S. Pushkin.

There were a lot of guests from the Ministry of agriculture for Krasnoyarsk region, the representatives of business organizations of the region, and other famous people of the city. Rector of the University, Doctor of science in economics, Professor Pyzhikova Natalia Ivanovna congratulated students with their first day at the University and wished them great achievements. The Head of the Department for culture, youth policy and sports of Krasnoyarsk central district J.A. Allenova wished all the students to reach progress not only in studies, but also in sports and creative activities.

Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Education
"Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university"

Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian University today

Statute of the federal state budget educational institution of higher education Krasnoyarsk state agrarian University

Enrolment of foreign students to the Federal state budget educational institution of Higher Education Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university

Annex 1. 080200.68 ECBE 2014. Annual program report.

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