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University today

The Krasnoyarsk agricultural institute was founded on April 29, 1952 and had three faculties: agronomical, mechanization and zoo-technical. The candidate of agricultural sciences Georgy Andrianovich Cheremisinov, the doctor of agricultural sciences, professor was the first director of the institute.

In 1991 the Krasnoyarsk agricultural institute received the status of the state agricultural university, then land management and faculty of law was created. In 1992 four faculties were added to them: law, ecological-biotechnological, management and business, processing industry.

Nowadays university represents innovative, training, scientific, methodical and advice center of a system of agrarian formation of the East Siberian region of Russia which includes 7 institutes:

  • Institute of land management, cadasters and environmental engineering
  • Institute of engineering systems and power;
  • Institute of foodstuff s production;
  • Institute of Economics and AIC management;
  • Institute of law;
  • Institute of biotechnologies and veterinary medicine;
  • Institute of Agro-ecological technologies.

The university today has 7 institutes, 45 departments, 9473 students, including bachelors 7604, masters - 1082 people, 408 regular teachers, 316 people (72,3%) have an academic degree, 70 persons (17,2%) doctors of science, professors, 246 people (60,3%) candidates of science, associate professors.

The university includes: 1 branch (Achinsk); training center of preparation and professional development of agrarian and industrial complex (AIC) of the Republic of Tyva (Kyzyl);

6 representatives' offices (Kansk, Minusinsk, Zaozerny, item Shushenskoye, Tura, Ulaan Baatar (Mongolia); three instructional farms (Minderlinskoye, trial field Borsky and instructional and hunting farm Koltoyak).

The university has the state accreditation for programs of higher (bachelor program, specialist program, masters program, postgraduate program) and secondary professional education.

Research management of postgraduate students is performed by: 1 academician of RAS; 40 doctors of science, professors; 31 doctors of science, associate professors; 3 candidates of science, professors; 35 candidates of science, associate professors.

Now the university has: fourteen educational and laboratory buildings; the isolated library building; food-service center; business training center with a garage and workshops; the building of an educational and sports complex of horse breeding with horse-jumping circuit; building of the research test center.

Seven dormitories of the university cover full need of non-resident students and graduate students. For temporary residence of visiting teachers and researchers there is housing stock of 1215 sq.m.

The total educational and laboratory area makes up 96922 sq.m.

Innovative infrastructure of the university includes: 35 innovative subdivisions, including 18 research laboratories; 1 research test center; 16 small innovative businesses.

The university is a winner of the Competition of the Ministry of Education and Science of RF in selection of innovative infrastructure development programs of higher education institutions and received the budgetary financing in amount of 90 million rubles.

The monthly research journal Bulletin of KrasSAU is registered in the ministry of the Russian Federation for the press, TV and radio broadcasting and means of mass communications and included in: the list of the leading peer-reviewed journals and publications in which the main research results of theses for a degree of the doctor and candidate of science have to be published; Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI). The university in recent years has seriously increased indicators of publication activities and citation rate among agrarian higher education institutions of Siberia and takes the 27th place by the number of publications in RSCI and the 29th place on citation rate among all agrarian higher education institutions of Russia.

The university steadily takes high positions in various rating lists. So, for example, the rating performed by the monitoring results Quality of studentsenrollment in 2014 done by NRU Higher School of Economics and holding Russia Today showed that future agrarians and veterinarians with the highest marks in the Unified State Examination choose training at fee-paid faculties in agricultural and veterinary higher education institutions of Krasnodar, Moscow, Vologda, Stavropol, Kirov, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk and St. Petersburg. On this indicator the Krasnoyarsk SAU took the 8th position among agrarian higher education institutions of Russia. In the rating of demand which was carried out in 2015 on three indicators (a share of the graduates who got a job placement, a share of means from commercialization of intellectual products, the i-index of works citation of organization staff), the university took the seventh position among agrarian higher education institutions of Russia.

Thus, now by its organizational structure and the professional activity directions the Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university is the research educational center of the Krasnoyarsk Territory forming the personnel potential of economy of rural territories, agrarian science and the social sphere of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and regions of Eastern Siberia.

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